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Speaking & Keynote

Are you looking for an expert speaker or keynote for a talk or appearance? Dr. C has experience

speaking on issues of mental health counseling, access to services in underrepresented groups,

inclusion and belonging, higher education and leadership, offender populations, supervision,

mentorship, and more.


Are you looking for someone to create or deliver curriculum, conduct a workshop, or manage a

conversation or panel? Dr. C has experience creating and implementing curriculum in a variety

of settings including faith communities, universities, hospital systems, and corporations. These

topics include leadership, professional development, supervision, social identities and social

justice, mental health, authenticity, and more!

Consulting & Team Building

Are you looking for someone to work with your team, assess programs or services, provide

recommendations, or help your team with cohesiveness? Dr. C. has experience guiding

corporations and leaders to create more inclusive environments while increasing climate and

team productivity.


I believe that everyone should have access to counseling and that everyone can benefit from

mental health services. I provide counseling services that are centered on best practices, ethical

guidelines, multicultural competencies, and the overall well-being of my clients. I utilize

approaches that are collaborative in nature and should you decide to embark upon this journey

with me as your counselor, we will work together on a path uniquely designed to meet your

goals. You can expect to share a bit about your background, family, social interactions, and

professional work during our time together. I am a firm believer that when we explore self-

concept, worldview, and patterns of behaviors we can then be empowered and inspired to make

changes in the desired realms of our lives.


I am not currently accepting new clients.

Clinical Supervision

As your supervisor, my goals are to monitor client welfare, assist you with meeting your

licensure requirements, and provide growth opportunities for you to become a competent and

independent practitioner after licensure.


I am approved by the Texas State Board of Examiners of Professional Counselors (TSBPC) to

provide supervision to LPC Interns who are working towards the required internship hours in

Texas. Supervision will be based on the guidelines established by the TSBPC and the American

Counseling Association (ACA). I am also approved by the Council on Sex Offender Treatment

(CSOT) to provide supervision for those seeking to become a Licensed Sex Offender Treatment



If you are searching for a clinical supervisor please inquire. Contact Dr. Cartwright if you are

interested in exploring a supervisory agreement.

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